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Welcome to the Kamai World




Committed to quality craftsmanship and Contemporary design, all of our pieces are intricately hand-woven in small villages in South America, our business supports small communities of Artisans and promotes intangible culture so that these beautiful works are a legacy for future generations


                                KAMAI, star King, our King.


KAMAI means Sun in the language of the Paresi-Haliti, one of the many indigenous peoples of Brazil.


The Sun is the central star of the Solar System, everything and everyone orbits around it, under the Sun everything becomes more intense, all the colors more vivid, all the laughter more delicious, and it is our main inspiration.


Kamai is made for Solar women, who want to enjoy the sea breeze, long hugs, the morning sun and live like there is no tomorrow. 

Kamai is made for fans of fantasy, of the summer that never ends, of the passions that dominate us, of sleeping until we get tired, of living with faith, without giving up.               

No shadows in our lives, we want lots of brightness and light. 


When we create a piece, first of all, we think about the joy it will bring to you who will use it, it has to come with a generous dose of energy, it has to give that “boost in the mood”, which is essential today and always.


Our design carries this atmosphere, light and loose, as our bags are designed for your trips, lunches, nights out and moments of tranquility and rest.  


We do true slow fashion, we produce  handcrafted, stitch by stitch, thread by thread, without rushing. Our values are unshakable, if we were different, everything would lose its meaning… We are eco-friendly, we use 70 to 80 percent material of plant origin and biodegradable, we make a timeless design, we work with an affective economy, we care  soooo much with those who produce it.


This bag you are carrying is an exclusive piece, very thought out, that passed through several talented hands, traveled many kilometers across Brazil, within and beyond. Each of these details, together and mixed, transforms in this new baby of yours.

                            MAP KAMAI


                     Fair and Ethical Trade


Each Kamai piece is masterfully created using complex weaving techniques.

We seek to contribute to the financial stability of small artisan communities and thus support the intangible heritage of many regions of South America.

We value the time that our artisans take to produce each one of them and we respect the fact that they are the true owners of this ancient knowledge.





                          Beautiful and Sustainable


Our Bags are delicately  made only from natural materials.

Kamai is founded on a commitment to using sustainable materials!






            Supporting Conscious Consumers


Our mission is to inspire and support conscious consumers.

We are proud to offer handcrafted pieces that embrace individuality and stand out from mass-produced items, That's why our pieces are fhello for you who are a conscious buyer!






          Preserving Ancestral Traditions


The different ways of weaving tell the story of these people who, with love and pride in their skills, pass on their knowledge. through many generations.

We want to  contribute through our work, so that various communities in different South American regions can preserve their cultures and traditions and so that  new generations maintain this ancestral knowledge. 


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